Proc corr output options 668

Corr 668 options proc output

The data consist of patient characteristics and whether or not cancer remission occured. The cror DATA step creates the data set Remission containing seven variables. The variable remiss is the cancer remission indicator variable with a value of 1 for remission and a value of 0 for nonremission. The other six variables are the risk factors thought to be related to cancer remission. Beginning in SAS 9.4 TS1M2, QIC is available in PROC GEE.PURPOSE:The %QIC macro computes the QIC and QICu statistics proposed by Pan (2001) for GEE (generalized estimating equations) models.

These statistics allow comparisons of Iptions models (model selection) and selection of a correlation structure.HISTORY: VersionUpdate Notes1.2More adjustment of macro termination criteria.1.1Updated checks for errors that should terminate the macro. This page lists all of the books and papers for which we have developedweb pages showing how to solve the examples using common statistical packages.

We encourage you to obtainthe textbooks or papers associated with these pages to gain a deeper conceptual understanding cogr proc corr output options 668 illustrated (see 6668 suggestions onWhere to buy books). Depending on the PROC CORR syntax, a PearsonCorr table is generated showing the following statistics:CorrelationP-valueNumber of ObservationsIf changes are desired to any of the tables generated by PROC CORR or., 18KB.

By design each of the ODS destinations has a different look because each one has a different audience. HTML is 6668 to be viewed on the Web, and PDF is meant to be viewed or.

Proc corr output options 668

Proc corr output options 668

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